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Agateware pottery lead glazed teapot mid 18th century Staffordshire England

Reference: 8792

Dated: 1745 to 1750 Staffordshire England

Lead-glazed agateware pottery teapot with cream-colored slip at rims. The teapot is embellished with silver sleeves at the spout and handle which also has a chain attached to cover. This type of decoration was prevalent in the 18th century. The marble clay decoration and the glaze are the best quality, probably the work of the Samuel Bell Pottery Paloma Works.
Note; Samuel Bell produced a patent for his" red marble stoneware body" it was, however, impossible to enforce and other Staffordshire potters such as Whieldon and Wedgwood copied the technique.

Dimensions: 7.00 inch wide 5.50 inch high 5.00 inch deep

Medium: agateware pottery ceramic earthenware lead glaze

Current Condition Restored chip at rim of pot and rim of cover.

Provenance: Collection in Holland.


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