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Antique English delftware blue dash charger of General Monck circa 1675 probably Bristol

Reference: 7316

Dated: c. 1675 Bristol or London England

An exceptionally rare English blue dash polychrome coloured charger with an imposing figure thought to be General Monck on horseback. Monck ( Duke of Abermarle) is shown in full splendour with armour and holding a lance whilst his steed gallops forth. The decoration of the General and his horse is very detailed and proficient. The dish has a classic blue dash border on a yellow band.
George Monck (1st Duke of Albemarle)had a very colourful career (6 December 1608 – 3 January 1670) He was an English soldier and politician, and a key figure in the Restoration of the monarchy to King Charles II in 1660. The dish was made 15 years after Moncks death, recognized for his work in the restoration of King Charles 11 and considered a supporter of the legitimacy of the crown on the succession of James 11 in 1685.

Diameter: 11.50inch

Medium: delft delftware pottery ceramic earthenware tin glaze

Current Condition Minor restoration to two feint hairlines from rim.

Provenance: Lord Revelstoke Collection, retains label for the Lambay Collection.
Birkett Collection London England


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