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Antique English delftware pottery char dish mid 18th century

Reference: 6147

Dated: c. 1760 Liverpool or Lancaster

A rare English delftware char dish, the rim decorated in polychrome with naive images of six fish.
Char dishes are rare in delftware and this is a fine example.
Char is a land locked salmon which in England is specific to the Lake District in the North.After the glacial waters of the last Ice Age receded, the arctic charr became land-locked in Windermere. They are still caught on the lake today.

Delftware char dishes are attributed to Liverpool but the recent discovery of a works in Lancaster suggests the latter maybe the manufacturer with the close proximity to the "Lakes".

Dimensions: 1.75 inch high

Diameter: 8.00inch

Medium: delft tin glaze pottery earthenware ceramic delftware

Current Condition Minor rim chips restored.

Price: gbp 3700.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 5180 (US Dollars)

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