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Antique Staffordshire pottery figure of a lion an English soldier in his jaws late 18th century

Reference: 7531

Dated: 1790 Staffordshire England

An exceptionally rare late 18th century pearlware figure of a lion an English soldier in his jaws. The delightful naive figure is modeled standing on an oblong base and decorated in underglaze colors, associated with the Wood Family of potters based in Staffordshire England. The uniformed soldier is wearing a helmet with the initials GR (King George 111 of England),the unfortunate soul has already lost his left leg from the mauling.Note; the missing leg of the soldier is unrestored and an intended feature of the original modelling.

The figure could have been inspired by the the death of Lieutenant Hugh Monro, a young British army officer serving in India, who was mauled by a tiger while picnicking on a hunting trip in 1792. The figure pre-dates the famous "Sherratt" Death of Monrow table base group.

Dimensions: 11.00 inch wide 8.50 inch high 5.50 inch deep

Medium: staffordshire pottery ceramic earthenware

Current Condition Restored chip /hairline soldier and corner of base.


Price: gbp 6500.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 8534.5 (US Dollars)

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