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Antique Yorkshire pottery money bank of extraordinary composition Pratt colours early 19th centru England

Reference: 6137

Dated: c. 1810 to c. 1820 Yorkshire England

A unique Yorkshire (probably Mexborough Pottery) money bank in Prattware colours and is an assemblage of several figures which are usually found on other pieces from this Yorkshire Pottery.The money box is full of interesting features including the addition of heads looking out through the top floor windows. The scale of all the figures are sublimely comical in relation to the house. The makers intent is full of a warming humor and life and was probably made as a "one-off" as a gift for a child or loved one. An amazing survivor with a story to tell in the true folk tradition.

Dimensions: 6.00 inch wide 5.75 inch high 3.35 inch deep

Medium: prattware pottery ceramic earthenware

Current Condition Restored females head and chip at chimney.

Literature: PRATT WARE by John and Griselda Lewis a good reference and illustrates figures which have the component parts of this unqiue piece.


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