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Basalt teapot with faux bamboo decoration the cover with a finial of Sibil late 18th century Staffordshire England

Reference: 8700

Dated: c. 1785 Staffordshire England UK.

A black basalt teapot with faux bamboo decoration inspired by the Chinese. The cover has a finial in the form of Sibil (often mistakenly called the Widow). The teapot is unmarked but is very much in the style of Wedgwood and Bentley.

Note; Sibil was a prophet in Greek legend and literature. Tradition represented her as an ancient woman uttering her predictions in ecstatic delirium.

Dimensions: 9.00 inch wide 5.50 inch high 4.50 inch deep

Medium: basalt ceramic pottery

Current Condition Unrestored clean crisp condition with only a slight nibble under he rim of the spout.


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