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Reference: 5980

Dated: 1805 England

Antique period English creamware pottery jug commemorative of Lord Nelson's death.
The pitcher is decorated with undergalze back and white transfer prints.

Dimensions: 8.25 inch high

Literature: It was one of the greatest sea battles in British history. Off the coast of Spain's Cape Trafalgar Peninsula, the British Fleet, led by Lord Horatio Nelson, took on a combined French and Spanish force. England's very existence was at stake for France's Napoleon Bonaparte was poised to send his powerful army across the English Channel. The only obstacle standing in his way was the British fleet.
The battle commenced on October 21, 1805 with Nelson's famous words signaled to his fleet: "England expects that every man will do his duty." Nelson had devised an unorthodox battle plan that called for his ships to attack the enemy broadside in two parallel lines, break into the enemy's formation and blast his opponents at close quarters.

As Nelson watched from the deck of the HMS Victory the battle soon turned into a confused melee of combat between individual ships. The fighting was at such close quarters that the Victory became entangled with the French ship Redoubtable. From the upper rigging of the Redoubtable, a French sharpshooter took aim and sent a musket ball into Nelson's left shoulder. Continuing its journey, the bullet tore a path through the Admiral's upper body before smashing into his lower back. It was a mortal wound.

Nelson was carried below decks while the battle raged on. He lived long enough to hear the news of the Redoubtable's surrender and of his fleet's victory after four and one-half hours of combat.


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