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English Borderware pottery Pipkin cooking pot 17th century

Reference: 8135

Dated: c. 1650 Surrey Hampshire England

A fine Borderware three legged pipkin with traces of green and some ochre glaze at rim near the handle and to the interior and exterior base. A paper label notes that this rare survivor was discovered in 1916 during building work at the Passport Office in Dartmouth Street London.
The pot was used for cooking over direct heat from coals or a wood fire,and not held in direct flame which would crack the ceramic. Late medieval and post-medieval pipkins have a hollow handle into which a stick might be inserted for manipulation. Examples exist unglazed, fully glazed, and glazed only on the interior.
Surrey-Hampshire Border ware ceramics (hereinafter called Border ware) were produced
during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries along the border of north-east Hampshire and
west Surrey in an area known as Blackwater Valley in southern England.
These earthenwares developed from a long tradition of pottery industries in the same area
during the medieval period.

Dimensions: 9.00 inch wide 7.25 inch high 7.00 inch deep

Current Condition Some minor historical wear commensurate with age, a very fine example.

Provenance: Private Collection Sussex and with Jonathan Horne London

Literature: Border ware Potteries
Jacqui Pearce
Museum of London


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