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English delftware pottery blue dash royalty charger with King William on horseback late 17th century

Reference: 8430

Dated: c. 1695 London England

English delftware polychrome blue dash border charger with the image of the monarch King William riding on horseback. The portrait is flanked by the letters "WR". This striking historical piece is lead-glazed on the reverse.
The inspiration of the painting is derived from a print of King Charles 1st entering Edinburgh in 1641. The design is known on a dish in the Bristol Museum with the initials "CR".

Dimensions: 14.00 inch wide 3.00 inch high 14.00 inch deep

Diameter: 14.00inch

Medium: delftware delft pottery earthenware ceramic

Current Condition Hairlines professionally restored

Price: gbp 8750.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 11488.75 (US Dollars)

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