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English pottery figure of a horse modeled standing on a green base, St Anthony's Pottery

Reference: 8978

Dated: c. 1810 Newcastle on Tyne England

An exceptionally rare pottery figure of a fat-bellied sponge decorated grey horse modeled wearing a check blanket and a blue girth strap and standing on a translucent green base. This unusual version has good attention to details such as the horse's mane and the relief decoration of the blanket and girdle. A previously unrecorded example.

Dimensions: 5.50 inch wide 6.00 inch high 3.50 inch deep

Medium: pottery ceramic earthenware pratt prattware

Current Condition Excellent professional and invisible restoration at ear, tail and 3 ankles.

Literature: Various Prattware horses of a similar type page 277 and 278 PRATT WARE by John and Griselda Lewis.


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