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English pottery Prattware plaque with two Lions impressively modeled in deep relief.

Reference: 7871

Dated: c. 1800 England

A very fine pottery oval shaped plaque with figures of two lion modeled in exceptionally deep relief. The lions are decorated with an interesting and effective spot technique, the outer edge is prolifically decorated with trailing leaves. The pratt colours are especially vibrant and well executed, the plaque is one of the best examples of its type.

Dimensions: 11.00 inch wide 8.50 inch high

Medium: pottery earthenware pratt prattware ceramic

Current Condition Fine, clean unrestored condition.

Provenance: Private Collection USA.

Literature: John and Griselda Lewis Prattware page 213 illustrates a plaque located in the Nelson Atkins Museum Kansas City USA from the Burnap Collection.


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