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English pottery Prattware spirit flask commemorative circa 1795

Reference: 6091

Dated: c. 1795 Staffordshire England

A rare and fine example of a late 18th century pottery Prattware spirit flask.
Decorated in relief are images of The Duke of York and on reverse "The Royal Sufferers".
The flask surprisingly holds a quarter pint. The image of the doomed French Royal family is especially poignant with the Dauphin emerging between the King Louis and Marie Antoinette who were all executed in 1793.

Dimensions: 4.50 inch wide 5.25 inch high 2.00 inch deep

Medium: pratt pottery ceramic earthenware

Current Condition Fine unrerstored

Literature: Page 130 PRATT WARE by John and Griselda Lewis.
The source image engraving Pall Mall London.

Price: gbp 1275.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1679.175 (US Dollars)

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