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John Dwight Fulham Pottery London bottle 17th century England.

Reference: 4773

Dated: c. 1677 to c. 1685 Fulham London England

A very rare and fine example of a John Dwight of Fulham stoneware pottery bottle.
This Dwight piece dates to the 1677/85 period.
Nice attention to detail with application of handle tail and simple grooves at the lip and base.
John Dwight founded the famous Fulham Pottery after the sale of his church post located in Wigan Lancashire.
The bottle is well potted with a fine glaze.
A similar piece is located in the Ashmoleon Museum Oxford England (view image).

Dimensions: 9.00 inch high

Medium: stoneware earthenware ceramic pottery

Current Condition Fine condition.

Literature: Re; Chris Green "John Dwights Fulham Pottery", page 119 figures 200 and 201


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