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Lion and Lambs by John and Rebecca Lloyd, Shelton Staffordshire

Reference: 8363

Dated: c. 1836 Shelton Staffordshire England UK

Antique period Staffordshire ceramic figures by John and Rebecca Lloyd of Shelton Staffordshire. The pair are exceptionally appealing with very distinctive modeling especially the manes which are often described as "judges wig". The figures were inspired by the lion tamer Van Ambrugh who trained a lion to lie with the lamb as described in biblical texts. Princess Victoria (later Queen) was so enthralled with the act that she attended the Dury Lane performance on two occasions in 1836.
The figures have great charm and quality a feature of John and Rebecca's work, the best gold decoration on the base is an elegant feature.

Dimensions: 4.75 inch wide 4.00 inch high 2.75 inch deep

Medium: staffordshire pottery ceramic

Current Condition Unrestored condition, one with a very minor chip under the base rim.

Price: gbp 3350.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 4398.55 (US Dollars)

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