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London delftware pottery polychrome coloured plate Lunardi's Balloon flight 1784

Reference: 6747

Dated: c. 1784 London England UK

A London delftware pottery plate commemorating Lunardi's inaugural balloon flight from Mortlake London in 1784. The scene is executed in polychrome colours whih is a rare version

Vicenzo Lunardi was a pioneering Italian aeronaut. Born in Lucca ,he arrived
in England as Secretary to Prince Caramanico, the Neapolitan Ambassador.
The English were sceptical about balloon flight, and so George Biggin and Vincent Lunardi, together decided to demonstrate a hydrogen balloon flight at the Artillery Ground of the Honourable Artillery Company in London on 15 September 1784.
A 200,000 strong crowd (which included eminent statesmen and the Prince of Wales) had grown very impatient during pre- flight proceedings so Lunardi decided to take off without his friend Biggin as the balloon was not fully inflated. Charmingly he was accompanied by a dog, a cat and a caged pigeon. The flight from the Artillery Ground travelled in a northerly direction towards Hertfordshire, with Lunardi making a stop in Welham Green, where the cat was set free as it seemed airsick. The flight ended at Standon Green End. The road junction in Welham Green near to the site Lunardi made his first stop is called Balloon Corner to this day to commemorate the landing.

Dimensions: 8.00 inch high

Medium: delftware pottery ceramic earthenware

Current Condition Minor chip at rim restored.

Price: gbp 2850.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 3742.05 (US Dollars)

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