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Martha Gunn Prattware pottery Toby Jug England early 19th century

Reference: 7564

Dated: c. 1810 England

Prattware pottery Toby Jug in the form of Martha Gunn, the famous "dipper" from Brighton and a favorite of George the Royal Regent later to become King. Note the three feathers adorning Marthas's hat a symbol associated with George and his other title as Prince of Wales.


A dipper was the operator of a bathing machine used by women bathers. The dipper pushed the machine into and out of the water and helped the bather into and out of the water. A dipper had to be large and strong to carry out this work and Martha Gunn fulfilled both requirements.

Martha Gunn was well known in Brighton and also known across the country. Her image appeared in many popular engravings including one in which she appeared repelling the invading French with a mop. In another she is seen standing behind Mrs Fitzherbert and The Prince of Wales (the future George IV).

Martha Gunn was said to be a favourite of the Prince of Wales and had free access to the royal kitchens.

Dimensions: 6.50 inch wide 11.00 inch high 5.00 inch deep

Current Condition Restored at hat.

Provenance: Canadian Collection


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