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Pineapple pattern lead glazed creamware pottery teapot Staffordshire mid 18th century

Reference: 9030

Dated: c. 1760 Staffordshire England

Earthenware lead glazed creamware bodied relief molded teapot in the Pineapple pattern.
The pineapple pattern was produced at the Whieldon, Greatbatch and Wedgewood Potteries in the mid 18th century period.
NOTE: The fruit first appeared in England in the 17th century and during the 18th century, they became a popular symbol of opulence and luxury. It was fashionable to depict them in paintings, furniture and ceramic to indicate the owners social standing and affluence. Pineapples were so expensive that some merchants actually provided a rental service at great cost to aspiring socialites.

Dimensions: 6.50 inch wide 4.00 inch high 4.50 inch deep

Medium: pottery creamware ceramic lead glaze earthenware

Current Condition Excellent professional restoration at the rim of the cover, the tip of the spout and fine hairline at the body.

Provenance: Retains the paper label of Manheim New York

Literature: Page 192 The Henry Weldon Collection of English pottery text by Leslie B. Grigsby, published by Sothebys.

Price: gbp 3850.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 5055.05 (US Dollars)

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