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Saltglaze stoneware relief moulded pectin shaped teapot with enamel decoration Staffordshire 18th century

Reference: 4387

Dated: c. 1750 Staffordshire England

Lozenge shape saltglaze stoneware teapot with fine relief moulded shell pectin acorn and oak leaf decoration with translucent enamel decoration, Staffordshire 18th century. The piece is very finely potted with a delicate application of the enamel. There are touches of refinement with detailed attention at the finial handle and spout.
A rare gem from the mid 18th century.
A similar teapot in plain undecorated saltglaze is located in the City Museum and Art Gallery Stoke on Trent England.

Dimensions: 7.25 inch wide 5.75 inch high

Medium: saltglaze stoneware pottery staffordshire

Current Condition Chips on cover, spout and minor chips on pot exceptionally restored.

Literature: Page 44 figure reference 87 The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire Pottery.Published 1915.
Page 240 A Passion for Pottery, further selections from the Henry H.Weldon Collection


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