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Slipware press moulded earthenware dish with geometric floral designs early 18th century Staffordshire .

Reference: 6567

Dated: c. 1700 to 1720 Staffordshire England

An exceptionally rare circular earthenware slipware dish with relief decoration of flowers with trailing stems. The centre panel features strong bold concentric squares.
The outer border is a dot concentric design the rim has a serrated decorative edge.
Staffordshire area possibly Malkin or Thomas Wedgwood.
The dish is in very good order.

Dimensions: 2.75 inch wide 14.00 inch high

Diameter: 14.00inch

Medium: slipware earthenware pottery clay

Current Condition No restoration exceptional condition

Literature: Page 96 The Longridge Collection of English Slipware and delftware, volume 1 Slipware, by Leslie B.Grigsby and published by Jonathan Horne.

Page 158 The Henry Weldon Collection by Leslie Grigsby illustrates a slipware dish which incorporates a similar trailing flower pattern design and is impressed with the initials SM probably Samuel Malkin.

Price: gbp 25000.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 32825 (US Dollars)

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