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Staffordshire pottery bocage group Persuasion pearlware glaze Patriot Pottery early 19th century England

Reference: 8093

Dated: 1820 Staffordshire England

Antique Staffordshire pottery bocage type figure group in pearlware and coloured glazes.
This quality figure is known as PERSUASION and would have been produced at the beginning of the 19th century in Staffordshire.
The rather demure female figure is rather contently thinking about the wonderful offer her partner has made to her as he proffers a gold ring.
A dog indifferently looks into the distance unaware of the romantic drama unfolding.
The figures are exceptionally and very crisply modelled and coloured, attributed to " The Patriotic Group" the pine cone bocage on this piece is especially spectacular.
NOTE The image was inspired by the print of W.D.Walker which was produced in 1809 and titled PERSUASION.

Dimensions: 7.50 inch wide 8.50 inch high 5.00 inch deep

Medium: staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage ceramic earthenware

Current Condition Restored some tips of leaves,brolley handle and minor enamels re-touched.

Literature: Page 6 figure reference 138.6 Volume 4 Staffordshire Figures by Myrna Schkolne and published by Schiffer.


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