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Staffordshire pottery large scale bust of Princess Charlotte 20 inches high early 19th century

Reference: 7525

Dated: c. 1815 Staffordshire England

A large very rare and impressive pearlware Staffordshire pottery bust of Princess Charlotte modeled on a socle base. Although the bust is made in the classical form the naive painting and bold rendition of modelling with her benign and whimsical smile adds an open and rather warming charm. The bust would takes its place in a town or country house and is a statement of the Staffordshire potters art from the early 19th century ,it is one of the rarest figures produced in this period.

Princess Charlotte was the only child of George, Prince of Wales later to become King. Charlotte married Prince Leopold and was a very popular member of The Royal family. Tragically she died after a very difficult delivery ( 50 hours in labour) and her son was still born. There was a swell of public grief and this tragic tale had later repercussions in the Royal lineage as the baby would have had precedence over Victoria had he survived.

Dimensions: 12.00 inch wide 20.00 inch high 6.00 inch deep

Medium: pottery pearlware ceramic earthenware

Current Condition Professionallly restored hairline around the hair of the figure.

Provenance: Private Collection London

Literature: Page 23 "A Potted History, Henry Willett's Collection by Stella Bedoe.Brighton Museum

Price: gbp 12000.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 15756 (US Dollars)

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