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Staffordshire pottery large scale bust of Princess Charlotte in pearlware early 19th century

Reference: 5744

Dated: 1820 Staffordshire England

A large very rare and impressive pearlware Staffordshire pottery bust of Princess Charlotte. The figure has a socle base which is decorated with a blue classical urn.
Princess Charlotte was the only child of George, Prince of Wales later to become King. Charlotte married Prince Leopold and was a very popular member of The Royal family. Tragically she died after a very difficult delivery ( 50 hours in labour) and her son was still born. There was a swell of public grief and this tragic tale had later repercussions in the Royal lineage as the baby would have had precedence over Victoria had he survived.

Dimensions: 12.00 inch wide 19.00 inch high 7.00 inch deep

Medium: pottery pearlware staffordshire commemorative

Current Condition Minor enamels re-touched.

Literature: Figure 736 Page206/207 The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire Pottery where the bust is erroneously attributed as Queen Charlotte King George 111's wife.


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