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Staffordshire pottery Whieldon type cow creamer with calf mid 18th century

Reference: 9127

Dated: c. 1760 Staffordshire England

Staffordshire pottery Thomas Whieldon type lead-glazed creamware bodied cow creamer standing with her suckling calf on a base with delightful relief molded trailing flowers. The figure, decorated with oxide colors of brown, green and mustard in the typical mid-18th-century fashion. Examples such as this are increasingly rare, and this figure is a particularly good example.

Dimensions: 6.50 inch wide 5.00 inch high 3.00 inch deep

Medium: pottery creamware ceramic earthenware oxide glaze

Current Condition Restored at horns, tail, and cover.

Provenance: Private Collection Cornwall England

Literature: Page 357 The Henry Weldon Collection text by Leslie B.Grigsby

Price: gbp 3850.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 5055.05 (US Dollars)

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