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Unglazed earthenware costrel 16th century English or French.

Reference: 8164

Dated: 1500 to 1550 Martinscamp France or London England

Post-medieval, earthenware wine flask of the Martincamp- type ware. The flask/costerel is a reddish brown earthenware. The long slightly tapering neck joins a globular body, one side of which is flattened. The vessel is similar to an example made at Martincamp just west of Neufchatel-en-Bray France, but similar pieces were also made in England. This piece was found during a building project near an existing part of the old London Wall.

Dimensions: 6.00 inch wide 8.50 inch high 4.50 inch deep

Medium: earthenware pottery ceramic

Current Condition Fune unrestored condition

Provenance: Private Collection of a lady in Sussex and previously with Jonathan Horne, Kensington London.


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