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Welsh slipware earthenware vase with sgraffito sea weed decoration and an inscription in Welsh

Reference: 9061

Dated: c. 1875 Wales United Kingdom

A large earthenware slipware vase with rope twist handles and sgraffito decorated with seaweed and two inscriptions, "Gwnewch pobpeth yn gymraeg" ( do everything in Welsh) and "Time and Tide tarry for no man." This large piece has a beautiful dark warm honey glaze and is probably the work of the Ewenney Pottery. It is likely that the vase was used in the kitchen to store seaweed for the making of the local south Wales delicacy Laverbread.

Dimensions: 9.00 inch wide 11.50 inch high 9.00 inch deep

Medium: earthenware pottery ceramic slipware glaze

Current Condition Some chips well restored at rim and base.

Price: gbp 1850.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 2429.05 (US Dollars)

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