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Antique English pottery cow creamer with hobbled legs early 19th century

Reference: 3945

An unusually coloured figure of a cow creamer modelled standing on a thin green base with milkmaid at work. A novel feature are the hobbled back legs a technique to stop the cow kicking. THis figure is an early 19th century example.

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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Early Staffordshire pottery Agateware tankard attributed Samuel Bell Pottery New...

Reference: 3435

An exceptionally fine English pottery tankard surface decorated with mixed coloured clay's applied on a creamy ground, a technique known as Agateware (emulating agate stone). The tankard is and early piece of English pottery from the circa 1745 ...

Dimensions: 6.50 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire Royal Arms figure group in pearlware marked Walton. circa ...

Reference: 3857

Staffordshire pottery pearlware group the Royal Coat of arms of the United Kingdom the centre shield flanked by a lion and unicorn. Perhaps one of the rarest and most sought after pottery figures this group is one of the most decorative and appea...

Dimensions: 5.75 inch high

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Staffordshire pottery Whieldon type creamware figure a cat in coloured glazes ci...

Reference: 3853

Creamware pottery figure of a seated cat decorated in "Whieldon type" coloured oxide glazes. Cat figures from the mid 18th to late 18th century period are rare in English pottery.

Dimensions: 4.50 inch high

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Staffordshire pearlware pottery of Robinson Crusoeealry 19th century period.

Reference: 3826

A good eaxmple of a Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure with enamel colours of Robinson Crusoe. The book titled Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe was published int he early 18th century. Crusoe is modelled with good detail with attention given t...

Dimensions: 6.50 inch high

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Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure of a lion antique period early 19t...

Reference: 3823

A fine antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure of standing Lion with a paw resting on a ball. This figure was made in circa 1820. This rare figure relates to the "Patriot Group".

Dimensions: 5.25 inch high

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