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19th Century English Pottery - Lustreware, Pearlware, Creamware - Archive

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Nottingham SAltglaze puzzle jug named "Samuel Banks Nottingham"

Reference: 4014

A fine and rare Nottingham Salt-glaze stoneware pottery puzzle jug of good form with interesting decorative sprigs of figures mainly associated with tavern life. The jug is deeply impressed on the shoulder "SAMUEL BANKS.NOTTINGHAM" Fine unrestor...

Dimensions: 8.75 inch high

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Pearlware pitcher Swinton Pottery Yorkshire dated 1803 named Benjamin Roebuck

Reference: 3394

A rare pearlware pottery pitcher named and dated Benjamin Roebuck 1803 well decorated in underglaze blue and white.

Dimensions: 8.50 inch high

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Antique English pottery cow creamer with hobbled legs early 19th century

Reference: 3945

An unusually coloured figure of a cow creamer modelled standing on a thin green base with milkmaid at work. A novel feature are the hobbled back legs a technique to stop the cow kicking. THis figure is an early 19th century example.

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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Collection of antique pottery carpet balls mid 19th century English/Scottish

Reference: 3710

A collection of eight antique British pottery carpet balls with interesting decorations. Amongst the balls is the very rare white " jack". Carpet balls were produced in North East England and Scotland in the mid 19th century.

Dimensions: 4 inch high

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Silver luster and blue transfer 11 piece dessert service ,English pottery c181...

Reference: 3756

A stunning and very rare dessert service in silver luster and underglaze blue and white transfer decoration of flowers and foliage. The set comprises of an oval dish two shaped side dishes, two oval serving dishes and six plates ( 8.5 inches diame...

Dimensions: 10 inch high 7.75 inch wide

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Antique English silver luster pottery vases with painted rural scenes circa 1810...

Reference: 3664

An exceptionally rare near pair of silver luster vases with hand painted rural scenes in four oval panels. They vases bears the impress mark W(xxx) attribution still remains illusive. Probably Staffordshire or Yorkshire they are early examples d...

Dimensions: 10 inch high

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