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Early Antique Staffordshire Figures - Archive

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English pottery bocage figure of a stag at lodge late 18th century

Reference: 4072

A rare and strikingly handsome figure in underglaze oxide colours of a stag at lodge before bocage decorated with acorns. The seperately molded hind leg has an interesting and whimsical feature of a draped leaf with flower. The figure has a luster...

Dimensions: 5.35 inch high

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English pottery figure of a seated cat late 18th century probably Staffordshire

Reference: 4087

A charming English pottery figure in Pratt colours of a demure looking cat seated on a green base.

Dimensions: 3 inch high

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English Prattware pottery bear figure shaped teapot c1790/1800

Reference: 4023

A very rare and previously unrecorded figure of a bear in the form of a teapot in Pratt colours. The figure is wonderfully naiveley modelled and despite its brutish subject manages to project a comical aspect.

Dimensions: 6 inch high

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Prattware pottery figure "Loyal Volunteer" English antique period c1790/1800

Reference: 3951

A fine Prattware pottery standing figure of a Loyal Volunteer depicted as a foot soldier. The figure is modelled dressed in military uniform holding a rifle at his side. The attention to detail is exceptional including the blue lined base with a G...

Dimensions: 8.75 inch high

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Antique English pottery cow creamer with hobbled legs early 19th century

Reference: 3945

An unusually coloured figure of a cow creamer modelled standing on a thin green base with milkmaid at work. A novel feature are the hobbled back legs a technique to stop the cow kicking. THis figure is an early 19th century example.

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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English Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure of a lion early 19th centu...

Reference: 3870

English Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure of a lion early 19th century. The figure is attributed to the Patriot group ( re;Myrna Schkolne ). Note that the lion is wearing a harness. This figure is also used on larger figure groups by...

Dimensions: 5.75 inch high

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