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Reference: 6100

Dated: c. 1782 Private English Collection

Antique Staffordshire pottery tankard in the Form of Admiral Rodney's head. The Tankard is well modelled and decorated in Ralph Wood type coloured glazes. The rim of the jug is decorated in the centre with a cannon bearing the name RODNEY.

Dimensions: 6.75 inch high

Medium: Staffordshire coloured glaze creamware

Signed/Dated/Inscribed: Rodney

Current Condition Unrestored

Literature: Sir George returned to his command in February 1782, and a running engagement with the French fleet on April 9 led up to his crowning victory at the Battle of the Saintes off Dominica, when on 12 April with thirty-five sail of the line he defeated the Comte de Grasse, who had thirty-three sail. The French inferiority in numbers was more than counterbalanced by the greater size and superior sailing qualities of their ships, yet five were taken and one sunk, after eleven hours' fighting. This important battle saved Jamaica and ruined French naval prestige, while it enabled Rodney to write: "Within two little years I have taken two Spanish, one French and one Dutch admirals."


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