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Pink Lustre pitcher from Sunderland Pottery with image of Susan and William

Reference: 6125

Dated: c. 1835 Sunderland

Antique pink splash lustre pitcher with underglaze transfer prints and a hand painted anchor motif under the spout. The transfer prints have figures of Susan and William ( the sailor) and an image of a sailing ship title William IV.
The transfers are decorated with enamel colours and the pink luster is strong and vibrant.
The reference to the portrait figures of Susan and William relate to an old sea poem written in 1723 the first two verses give a gist of the topic.
All in the dawn the fleet was moor'd,
The streamers waving to the wind,
When Black-eyed Susan came on board,
Oh where shall I my true love find?
Tell me, ye jovial sailors, tell me true,
If my sweet William, if my sweet William
Sails among your crew?

Oh William, who high upon the yard,
Rocked with the billows to and fro,
Soon as her well-known voice he heard,
He sigh'd and cast his eyes below:
The cord slides swiftly thro' his glowing hands
And as quick as lightning, and as quick as lightning
On the deck he stands.

Dimensions: 6.75 inch high

Medium: antique pink lustre luster pottery

Current Condition Unrestored.


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