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English STaffordshire pottery figure of a boy and his dog c1790

Reference: 0376

A fine example of antique English pottery figure of a boy with his dog. The figure is coloured using oxides in the Pratt type palette and is modelled standing on a square base.

Dimensions: 7.50 inch high

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English Staffordshire pottery figures of the Lion and the Unicorn. Walton c1820

Reference: 0353

English Staffordshire pottery pearlware figures of the Lion and the Unicorn with bocage decoration. The figures represent the Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain. These figures are marked with the famous scroll deice adopted by John Walton in hi...

Dimensions: 6 inch high

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Staffordshire Creamware pottery Equestrian figure of a mounted officer of Astbur...

Reference: 0357

The officer modelled holding the reigns,wearing a tricorn hat and a jacket edged in a cream slip. His breeches are cream coloured and he sports dark brown boots and a satchel across his shoulder. The chestnut horse has a cream saddle-cloth and har...

Dimensions: 8.25 inch high

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Pair of English London delftware polychrome coloured plates 18th century pottery

Reference: 0348

Antique English pottery plates from the Lambeth Delft works in London. The plates are strong decorated with leaves, flowers and a perched parrot in the chinoserie style which was much in vougue in the mid 18th century in England.

Dimensions: 9 inch high

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English pottery pearlware figure of a ram Yorkshire or Staffordshire .

Reference: 0328

Antique English pottery pratt coloured pearlware figure of a ram on a green base.

Dimensions: 4 inch wide

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English pottery green glaze dish with reticulated border Staffordshire 18th.cen...

Reference: 0345

A rare English Staffordshire pottery creamware dish decoarted with a green glaze. The dish is relief moulded with a reticulated border.This pattern is often seen in Whieldon and saltglaze pottery from the mid 18th century, it very uncommon to fin...

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