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English Delftware - Archive

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Antique Staffordshire porcelain hound head whistle c1865

Reference: 2414

Hound head dog whistle probably from the Derby Porcelain workshops. Gives a high pitch whistle!

Dimensions: 1.50 inch wide

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Massive scale Staffordshire pottery hen on nest circa 1875

Reference: 2124

A massive Staffordshire pottery covered tureen in the figure of a hen seated on a basket type nest. This is the largest hen on nest produced by the Staffordshire potters, the scale has to be seen to be believed. Very few pieces were produced o...

Dimensions: 14 inch high 15.50 inch wide

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Antique English porcelain figure of a crouching lion

Reference: 2048

A well modelled and rare porcelain figure of a crouching lion modelled on an a green and gilt oval base. Perched on the rim of the porcelain figure is the figure of a rather diminutive mouse. The figure is the work of the Davenport workshops so...

Dimensions: 8 inch wide

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Antique Staffordshire pottery pair figures of seated cats Victorian period mid 1...

Reference: 1907

Antique Staffordshire pottery pair figures of seated cats Victorian period mid 19th century. The figures are naively modelled and decorated which only adds to the charm of this rather perky looking couple. Such figures are increasingly rare as are...

Dimensions: 8.50 inch high

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Pair of antique Staffordshire figures , The Lion and the Lamb,John and Rebecca L...

Reference: 1745

A rare pair of Lloyd of Shelton (Staffordshire) porcelaneous figures of the Lion and the Lamb. These figures are amongst the best ever produced in the Staffordshire area. The works of John and Rebecca Lloyd are recognized for their quality and wor...

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Pair antique pottery spongeware boot shaped spirit flasks.Scottish pottery c185...

Reference: 1518

A good pair of antique pottery boot shaped spirit flasks decorated with a sponged technique in cobalt blue. The boots are made as a true pair. These decorative pieces could innocently sit on the side board whilst hiding the true nature of their...

Dimensions: 6.25 inch high 7.50 inch wide

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