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Prattware English Pottery

ENGLISH AND SCOTTISH Circa 1780 - 1840

The term Prattware is derived from the name of the potter inventor of the technique Felix Pratt who was based in Staffordshire.

The light earthenware body is decorated in a palette of oxide colours comprising, cobalt blue, yellow-ochre, manganese, brown and a rather sludgy green. These colours are applied underneath a pearlware glaze. Items decorated in this colour palette are termed generically as Prattware. Many factories produced Prattware pottery in locations such as Staffordshire, Yorkshire, South Wales and the North East of England.

John and Griselda Lewis wrote the most famous reference book on the subject and is the most comprehensive work on the subject produced to date and is titled: Pratt Ware (English and Scottish relief decorated and underglaze coloured earthenware 1780-1840).

Antique Yorkshire pottery Toby Jug early 19th century English.

Reference: 1810

A fine Yorkshire pottery Toby jug from the early part of the 19th century.

Dimensions: 9.50 inch high

Price: gbp 1450.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 2479.5 (US Dollars)

Antique English Prattware pottery watch holder early 19th century period

Reference: 1670

Antique English pottery watch holder in Prattware colours. The piece is naively modelled and vibrantly coloured with the Prattware pottery palette. This rare watch holder is very early 19th century period. Staffordshire, North East England or Y...

Price: gbp 1750.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 2992.5 (US Dollars)

Antique Prattware pottery relief molded plaque with figures of two resting lions...

Reference: 1569

A rare antique pottery Pratt coloured relief molded plaque with two reclining lions. This decorative and appealing plaque dates to the circa 1800 period.

Dimensions: 9 inch high 11 inch wide

Price: gbp 2250.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 3847.5 (US Dollars)

Antique Prattware bust of the Methodist preacher John Wesley. Yorkshire Pottery.

Reference: 1534

A rare Prattware decorated bust of the Methodist preacher the Reverend John Wesley. Wesley is modelled with a benign smile which is a warming feature compared to some of the rather severe figures made of him. Note the dotted eye-brows, a decorat...

Dimensions: 10 inch high

Price: gbp 985.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1684.35 (US Dollars)

Antique English pottery pair of figures ram and ewe. Yorkshire Pottery c1800

Reference: 0818

Antique pottery pair figures of a ram and ewe decorated in Pratt colours. This pair of figures are the work of the Yorkshire Potteries. They are naively modeled and decorated which adds to the folk like charm. This pair are rare and previously ...

Dimensions: 4 inch high

Price: gbp 2600.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 4446 (US Dollars)

Prattware pottery patch box

Reference: 6801

A charming prattware decorated pottery patch box. The base of the boc is decorated underglaze with a heart inside which bear the initial MB. Possibly given as a love token all those years ago.

Price: gbp 675.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1154.25 (US Dollars)

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