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Staffordshire pottery Saltglaze plate King of Prussia commemorative. c1760

Reference: 0193

A rare Staffordshire pottery stoneware plate in saltglaze. The border is strongly decorated in relief with the legend "Success to the King of Prussia and his forces". The broder also features a figure of the King of Prusia and two campaign insig...

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Antique pottery gin flask with slip and mocha decoration mid 19th century

Reference: 0185

Antique pottery gin flask with very unusual slip and mocha decorations. Possibly Scottish or English pottery the unique decoration makes this a very rare find. The mocha decoration in cobalt blue is the seaweed or tree form. A true decorative a...

Dimensions: 6 inch high 7 inch wide

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English redware pottery tea caddy with cover Staffordshire England c1760

Reference: 0182

A fine redware pottery tea caddy and cover fromn the mid 18th century,Staffordshire pottery, England. The caddy is in very good order and retains it original cover. Caddies with covers from the mid 18th century are increasingly rare.

Dimensions: 4.75 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire pottery saltglaze variagated figures of cats c1770

Reference: 0141

A collection of early English Staffordshire pottery figures of seated cats. These saltglaze figures are decorated in variagated clay agateware. I have assembled the three figures of felines together as a group but they are offered for sale seper...

Dimensions: 6 inch high

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Antique English pottery watch holder flanked by two figures, Prattware c1800

Reference: 0131

Antique English pottery watch holder in pratt colours. This rare example is very well coloured in the typical Pratt pallette. There are two interesting figures flanking the central figure of a girl who is standing by a plinth with a fountain he...

Dimensions: 8.50 inch high

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English Yorkshire pottery figure of a ram in Pratt colours c1810

Reference: 0143

Antique Yorkshire pottery figure of a ram modelled lying on grassy knoll. The figure is decorated in Pratt colours with a pearlware glaze. The figure is hollow based and well modelled with a good expression to the rams face.

Dimensions: 5 inch high 5.50 inch wide

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