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English antique pottery pink luster pitcher with transfer of the Bridge over the...

Reference: 0320

A very fine antique Pink luster pottery pitcher with a transfer of the Bridge over the Wear. The ptcher is alos decorated with two more underglaze transfer panels with a seafaring poetic theme.

Dimensions: 9 inch high

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English antique pottery Prattware plaque

Reference: 0298

A fine example of an antique English pottery pearlware relief moulded plaque in Pratt colours. The classical figure is in releif and decorated in vibrant pratt colurs.

Dimensions: 7.50 inch high 5 inch wide

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Antique English porcelain figure of a leopard Alcock and Co.Staffordshire

Reference: 0276

Antique English porcelain figure of a leopard with the impress mark and colouring associated with the Samuel Alcock Factory at Cobridge,Burslem Staffordshire. Alcock was renown for producing fine quality animals in porcelain and this leopard figu...

Dimensions: 4 inch wide

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Antique English Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure bust of Napleon

Reference: 0291

Antique English pottery figure bust of Napoleon Bonaparte. The shoulder high figure is well painted and very life-like. I would think it quite a flattering rendition of "Old Boney" as the British nicknamed him.

Dimensions: 10 inch high

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Antique English pottery pearlware blue edged plate with peafowl

Reference: 0245

Antique English pottery pearlware plate with a blue feather edged border. The center panel depicts a naively hand painted figure of a perky looking peafowl perched in branches. This 12 inch diameter plate is in very fine condition and the pratt t...

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Reference: 0239

A rare pair of quintels decorated in pink splash pink luster with green enamels. This stunning and rare pair are impressed under the base SEWELL AND DONKIN. Sewell and Donkin produced some of the best quality examples of luster in England. The ...

Dimensions: 7.50 inch high 7 inch wide

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