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Reference: 0171

Antique Staffordshire pottery figure of performing dogs with show people. This rare figure is perhaps one of the most sought after pieces in Staffordshire Pottery from the early 19th century. The figure group shows the canines dressed in human at...

Dimensions: 9.50 inch high

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Admiral Rodney creamware pottery surface agate slip decorated pitcher

Reference: 0150

Antique creamware pottery pitcher commememorating the famous English Admiral Rodney who was given the titled Lord Rodney for his valiant and important services to the British nation. The pitcher is wonderfully decorated in surface slipware agate ...

Dimensions: 7 inch high

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Slipware comb decorated baking- loaf dish English Earthenware late 18thc

Reference: 0159

Slipware earthenware loaf or baking dish from the late 18th century period. The slip combed decoration is well executed. The dish is a very rare size measuring only 9 x 7 inches.

Dimensions: 9 inch wide 7 inch deep

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Pink Ground silver luster tyg Staffordshire pottery early 19th century.

Reference: 0122

A rare silver luster decorated pottery tyg ( three handled cup). The rarity and beauty of this piece is enhanced by the unusual pink ground. The chinosierie scene of birds in tress and foliage was very much in vogue in the early 19th century in ...

Dimensions: 4 inch high

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London delftware plate commemorating King William and Mary late 17th century

Reference: 0112

A very rare commemorative plate with portraits of King William and Queen Mary. This stunning delftware plate is the work of the London potters probably from the Vauxhall area. The plate is decoarted in shades of blue and orange with portraits of ...

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Staffordshire pottery figures of a shepherd and shepherdess with bocage c1820

Reference: 0125

A pair of antique Staffordshire pottery figures titled Sheperd and Sheperdess. (Not my spelling I hasten to add). This charming pottery pair are nicely colored examples in bright enamels. These romantic country figures hide the truth that such...

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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