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Antique pottery figure of a ram in Pratt Ware colours, English Yorkshire or Staf...

Reference: 2021

A charming Prattware potteryfigure of a ram modelled with a rather benign expression. The modelling is very crisp with good underglaze colour decoration. A rare and very appealing figure in fine condition and previously unrecorded.

Dimensions: 5.25 inch high 6.50 inch wide

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Antique English Pratt Ware pottery plaque "Autumn" with relief decoration late 1...

Reference: 2021

A fine antique English pottery plaque relief moulded and decorated in strong vibrant Pratt colours. The female figure is symbolic of Autumn. The figure is holding a sickle aloft whilst carrying a freshly cut sheaf of corn. A similar plaque can b...

Dimensions: 12.50 inch high 8.75 inch wide

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Antique pottery creamware shaker, plain undecorated classic style late 18th cent...

Reference: 2010

Antique potteryplain undecorated shaker, Staffordshire or Yorkshire pottery. Simple elegant lines from the late 18th century period .English..

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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English Staffordshire earthenware slip decorated baking loaf dish late 18th cent...

Reference: 1980

An exceptionally good late 18th century slipware baking dish, Staffordshire England. The baking dish or loaf dish is a rounded rectangular form with 'pie crust' rim, a bold meandering line dribbled horizontally and vertically in cream slip on a d...

Dimensions: 13 inch high 14.50 inch wide

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Antique English pottery figure of a cow named "Fanny" c1810 Yorkshire

Reference: 1875

Antique English Yorkshire pottery of a cow modelled standing on base. An unusual and very rare feature of the figure is the name Fanny written in script on the base. Underglaze Prattware colors with classic Yorkshire modelling of the figure.

Dimensions: 6 inch high 6.50 inch wide

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Antique English pottery cow creamer with bocage late 18thcentury

Reference: 1871

Antique Staffordshire or Yorkshire pottery figure of a cow in the form of a creamer. This figure has added interest with the rare bocage feature not often found on cow creamers. This figure is an early example from the late 18th century period i...

Dimensions: 7 inch high

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