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Antique English creamware pottery mug named SARAH c1780

Reference: 2294

Antique creamware named mug in English creamware with enamel colours named SARAH.

Dimensions: 3 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire pottery of a farmer standing by a ram modeled on a distin...

Reference: 2505

Antique Staffordshire pottery of a farmer standing by a ram on a distinctive blue base. The figures are very well modelled with good attention to detail. The farmer figure is holding a pineapple and fruit.

Dimensions: 7.25 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware Bull Baiting figure by Sherratt.

Reference: 2497

Antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware bull baiting figure group with a rainbow base. This small version is a rarity. A similar figure group can be seen in the Brighton and Hove Museum.

Dimensions: 6.75 inch high 8 inch wide

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Antique black basalt fox head stirrup cup by Wedgwood 18th century

Reference: 2483

Wedgwood black basalt fox head stirrup cup with a contemporary silver coloured band at the rim. This stirrup cup is an early example dating to circa 1780 period. A classic from Josiah Wedgwood.

Dimensions: 5.25 inch high

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Antique English delftware apothecary pill slab. Liverpool circa 1740

A Liverpool delftware pill slab, painted in blue with the amorial arms of THE WORSHIPFUL SOCIETY OF APOTHECARIES and their motto "Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor" decorated in manganese.This part Latin quotation from Ovid referring to the Greek deity ...

Dimensions: 10.50 inch high

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Donyatt earthenware pottery puzzle jug ,Somerset England circa 1800

Reference: 2468

A Donyatt pottery puzzle jug modelled with the distintive spout associated with this Somerset pottery in SW England. A good lusterous glaze and naively potted in the folk art tradition. There is some indistinct signs on the body in scraffito pro...

Dimensions: 8.50 inch high

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