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Antique Staffordshire Pottery pair of Stag and Doe with bocage attributed to the...

Reference: 2828

A rare and very decorative pair of standing pearlware pottery figures of doe and stag. The figures are modeled standing on green base with flowers and a very colourful rim. The figures have unusual bocage with flowers which has been attributed t...

Dimensions: 8 inch high

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Antique period London or Liverpool delftware pottery urn mid 18th century

Reference: 2734

A fine antique delftware pottery flower urn decorated in blue and white with flowers and foliage. The piece is attributed to Lambeth London or Liverpool Pottery.

Dimensions: 10 inch high

Antique English pottery prattware figure of a dolphin formed as a creamer/sauce ...

Reference: 2832

An unusual and very rare antique pottery prattware figure of a dolphin in the form of a creamer or sauce boat. The figure dates to c1800 and is a previously unrecorded example.

Dimensions: 4 inch high 8 inch wide

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Antique Staffordshire pearlware pottery bocage figure of a cow circa 1820

Reference: 2782

An amusing antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure of a cow licking a hoof. The well modelled base features a large snake which has a rather whimsical appeal. An unusual aspect of this figure is the cow's tongue, I do not recolle...

Dimensions: 6 inch high

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Antique medieval stoneware pottery Siegburg Germany 15th century

Reference: 2728

Three pottery stoneware pieces from Siegburg Germany dating from the 15 century. The jugs are hand thrown and decorated with turned bands and a thumbed base. Siegburg stoneware vessels were first produced around 1350 and began to appear in large...

Dimensions: 8.75 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire saltglaze pottery bear jug circa 1750

Reference: 2737

A salt-glazed stoneware pottery jug in the shape of a bear, with a dog attached to its chest. These figures appear whimsical, but in fact portray the cruel yet popular sport of bear-baiting, a legal recreation in England until 1835. These rare fi...

Dimensions: 9.50 inch high

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