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Antique English pottery prattware pitcher late 18th century period.

Reference: 3654

Antique Staffordshire pottery pitcher, Prattware with rare relief molded panels of jockeys and owners The decoration is very crisp and colours vibrant, a very decorative piece. A similar version of this pitcher is located in the Nelson-Atkins ...

Dimensions: 6.50 inch high

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Emile Galle of Nancy pottery figures of a seated cat with glass eyes. circa 1900

Reference: 3638

Antique pottery figure of a seated green eyed cat wearing a blue striped and floral outfit ( the glass eyes are very realistic). This figure is an original piece and signed E Galle Nancy.The figure captures the whimsical character of the feline, ...

Dimensions: 14 inch high

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Earlysurface decorated agateware pottery tankard mid 18th century Staffordshire ...

Reference: 3464

A fine English pottery tankard surface decorated with mixed coloured clays applied on a creamy ground this technique is known as Agateware. The tankard is and early piece of English pottery from the circa 1745 period and is probably the work of ...

Dimensions: 7 inch high

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Creamware pottery teapot showing "Britannia directing Captain Cook" made c1776 c...

Reference: 3593

A fine and very rare Wm.Greatbach Staffordshire pottery teapot with a print of " Britannia directing Captain Cook" and the reverse printed with "The World with the sun, moon and stars". The elegant underglaze transfer prints are painted with ove...

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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English pottery Fox head stirrup cup late 18th century period.

Reference: 3597

A well modeled creamware bodied stirrup cup which captures the crafty nature of the wily fox perfectly.

Dimensions: 5 inch wide

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Antique pearlware Staffordshire pottery figure girl at water pump early 19th cen...

Reference: 3563

A rare Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure of a girl pumping water. This figure is also known as " the cow with the iron tail".

Dimensions: 6.50 inch high

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