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Antique Staffordshire pottery hound head stirrup cup early 19th century England

Reference: 3796

A unusually decorated hound head pottery stirrup cup, Staffordshire England antique period early 19th century. The hound sports wonderful eye brows and lashes with fashionable designer stubble around the nose, the eyes are a beguiling mauve.

Dimensions: 4.75 inch wide

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Price £785 Pair Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figures titles SHEPERD a...

Reference: 3806

A charminig pair of Staffordshire pottery figures with bocage titles SHEPERDESS AND SHEPERD. The figures are crisply modelled and naively decorated with a profusion of enamel colours. The figures are in exceptionally fine condition. The mis-sp...

Dimensions: 5.25 inch high

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Pair of Staffordshire pearlware pottery dove figure tureens early 19th century ...

Reference: 3792

A fine quality pair of dove tureens in pearlware with wonderful enamel colours. The pair are in exceptionally good condition and ooze charm and appeal.

Dimensions: 5 inch high 7 inch wide

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Antique Staffordshire Pottery bocage pearlware family group circa 1820

Reference: 3782

Pearlware bocage type pottery figure of a family group modeled seated on a bench together with a sleeping baby,a pet dog and tabby cat.The bocage is especially appealing. This charming and highly decorative quality figure is from the "Patriot" gr...

Dimensions: 8 inch high

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Pair of plain creamware baskets with reticulated borders, English pottery late 1...

Reference: 3789

A pair of plain undecorated creamware pottery circular shaped baskets with pierced border decoration and rope twist handles with floral terminals. Antique period late 18th century, made in Yorkshire or Staffordshire.

Dimensions: 2.50 inch high

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Staffordshire pottery bocage figure titled "Dray Men" antique period early 19th ...

Reference: 3779

A rare antique Staffordshire pottery bocage figure in pearlware glaze titled "Dray Men". The standing figures are sharing a large frothing tankard of ale whilst taking snuff. A dray is a horse drawn wagon which used to deliver casks of ale to in...

Dimensions: 8.50 inch high

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