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18th century English Delftware charger with foliage and birds. Antique period c1...

Reference: 2131

A highly decorative English earthenware delft dish with blue and white decoration of foliage and figure of an exotic bird.

Price: gbp 485.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 776 (US Dollars)

Staffordshire pottery figure group titled GRECIAN DAUGHTER.Sherratt Pottery c182...

Reference: 2145

Staffordshire Sherratt Pottery table base figure Group titled GRECIAN DAUGHTER. The figures are very well modelled and decorated in typical Sherratt fashion together with some pink lustre. Sometimes this figure group is known as "Roman Charity...

Dimensions: 9 inch high

Price: gbp 3450.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 5520 (US Dollars)

Antique English pottery Whieldon type shaker. Staffordshire circa 1760

Reference: 2116

Antique English pottery shaker with a creamware body and typical lead glaze in the Whieldon manner.

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

Price: gbp 1350.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 2160 (US Dollars)

Antique English earthenware slipware loaf or baking dish 18th century

Reference: 2109

Antique English earthenware slip decorated loaf or baking dish of large size. The creamy slip trails on the dark chocolate coloured body make this a stunning decorative example full of character radiating its antiquity. It is an English 18th cen...

Dimensions: 15 inch high 17 inch wide

Antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage figure known as the Pig Tithe Gro...

Reference: 2058

A good and fine antique pottery Pig Tithe Group with bocage from the Staffordshire area England in the early 19th century. Ref. Myrna Schkolne blog...." The Tithe Pig Comment In the early 19th century, the centuries-old practice of tithing,...

Dimensions: 7 inch high

Price: gbp 985.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1576 (US Dollars)

Antique Staffordshire pottery figure "Scuffle" with bocage and shaped base.

Reference: 2061

Antique Staffordshire pottery figure known as "Scuffle" with bocage and shaped base. The figure is well executed with good attention to detail and modelling. Classic pearlware figure from the early 19th century.

Dimensions: 8.25 inch high

Price: gbp 1650.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 2640 (US Dollars)

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