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Antique English salt glazed stoneware pottery milk jug Staffordshire c1750

Reference: 2137

Antique Staffordshire pottery salt glaze stoneware pottery milk jug. It is decorated with a very stylish drab ground with white handle,spout,feet and sprigging, some sprigging is cobalt blue

Dimensions: 5 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire or Yorkshire pottery figure of a ewe and lamb in Pratt col...

Reference: 2134

Antique Staffordshire or Yorkshire pottery figure a standing ewe with a lamb modelled on a rocky base with bocage. Pearlware glaze and decoarted in underglaze Pratt type colors.

Dimensions: 6.25 inch high

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Antique English earthenware slipware loaf or baking dish 18th century

Reference: 2109

Antique English earthenware slip decorated loaf or baking dish of large size. The creamy slip trails on the dark chocolate coloured body make this a stunning decorative example full of character radiating its antiquity. It is an English 18th cen...

Dimensions: 15 inch high 17 inch wide

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A fine antique period slipware earthenware loaf dish with squiggle decorations ...

Reference: 2102

Antique period earthenware loaf dish with slip decoration 18th century England. The squiggle type decorative feature is unusual and gives extra interest to the combed decoration of the slip trail. A fine example of 18th century English slipware.

Dimensions: 9 inch high 11 inch wide

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Antique Staffordshire pottery figure of a boy with a goose late 18th century

Reference: 2089

A fine and wonderfully crisp antique Staffordshire pottery figure of a boy standing with a goose draped over his shoulder. The figure has very fine enamel decoration which is in pristine condition, a gem of a figure from the late 18th century.

Dimensions: 5.50 inch high

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Antique English pottery figure of a cow in the form of a creamer late 18th centu...

Reference: 1892

A good antique pottery cow creamer from the late 18th century England. The figure is profusely decorated with brown spots and is modelled standing on a thin base, a feature much in vogue on these figures from the late 18th century. The diminutiv...

Dimensions: 7 inch wide

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