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Antique English pottery cow creamer circa 1800-10 period.

Reference: 3275

English pottery figure of a cow with milk maid in the form of a creamer. The figure is modelled standing on a green base. Probably Yorkshire Pottery England.

Dimensions: 5.75 inch high

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Liverpool English delftware bowl commemorative Naval Battle Lagos c1759

Reference: 3264

A very rare English pottery delftware bowl with a central scene of the naval Battle of Lagos 1759 (Portugese coast) with script reading..... "SUCCESS TO ADMIRAL BOSCAWEN, BRODERICK AND THE REST OF THE GALLANT COMMANDERS AND SEAMAN THAT DRUBB'D M....

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Antique English porcelain pitcher with hand decorated coaching scene, early 19th...

Reference: 3156

A fine quality antique pitcher with hand decorated coaching scenes. This documentary jug is inscribed JOHN.CARTER THOS.SIRGARD, KENDELL.UNION COACH. 1823. Note(Wikapedia); The Keighley and Kendal Turnpike was a road built in 1753 by a turnpike...

Dimensions: 6.25 inch high

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Antique English pottery "Cobble" boat model circa 1835/40 period

Reference: 3224

A rare pottery model of a "cobble" a boat used on the East Coast of England. This piece is the largest pottery model I have seen. Reputedly these models all differently coloured were hung in the window of fishermans cottages, their boat could b...

Dimensions: 12 inch high

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Antique English pottery prattware sauce boat in the form of a dolphin c1800

Reference: 3221

Dolphin shaped pottery sauce boat relief decorated with underglaze Pratt palette colours. A good quality example with a touch of the ridiculous denoting a touch of comedy.

Dimensions: 4.25 inch high

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Antique English pottery figure cow creamer with calf and bocage c1790/1800

Reference: 3241

A very fine English pottery figure group in the form of a cow creamer. This figure is a rare form with a calf lying down on the base and a wonderful bocage feature as a decorative backdrop to the scene. The figure is exceptionally well modeled wi...

Dimensions: 8 inch high

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