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Just like today flower decorations were an important decorative feature in the humblest and riches interiors in the 17th and 18th century. The British delftware potters produced various vessels for displaying flowers, foliage and twigs. Flower bricks, quintels, vases, wall pockets and bowls with pierced covers were produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most popular are the blue and white flower bricks which with their oriental style decoration provide the perfect complimentary effect. These pieces were produced at most of the British delftworks of London, Liverpool and Bristol. The flower bricks are such an interesting form that they still retain a strong decorative presence even when presented unadorned without their flowers and leaves accompaniments. They take their place in a country or town setting with their timeless and simple elegant unfussy style.

The Williamburg Museum in the USA has a good collection of Bricks and examples can be seen in most of the major British Museums.


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