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Reference books English Pottery 

People, Passions, Pastimes and Pleasures Staffordshire Figures 1810-35

Author Myrna Schkolne there is also a highly informative and active website which compliments the information in her book. The site is dedicated to Staffordshire figures from the 1810-35 period and is full of information with makers marks and attributions. 

This book is highly recommended as it is the most complete work produced on  early Staffordshire Pottery Figures. It is filled with  wonderful color images and interesting information about the techniques of production and importantly the social and historical  significance of these figures from the early 19th century in pearlware.

Prattware by John and Griselda Lewis.

The most comprehensive book on Prattware English and Scottish relief decorated and underglazed coloured earthenware from the 1780-1840 period. The book is full of illustrations and gives context and meaning to these wonderful wares and figures produced in the 18th and 19th century.

English creamware pottery.

The Leeds Pottery by John Griffin.

This book is the definitive work relating to the Leeds Pottery in Yorkshire. It includes the original working catalogues from the Leeds Pottery and is so full of information that it comprises  two volumes.

Creamware by Donald Towner.

Published years ago it is still a valuable reference today and Towners contribution to the knowledge of English Creamware is still appreciated.

Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks by Geoffrey Godden

This major work has never been surpassed since its publication. I still have my own personal copy which is now much battered and is an invaluable source in referencing the potters marks for dates and location of  the pottery works. The website is also a useful reference for information on makers marks.

A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs By Clive Mason Pope

This informative and profusely illustrated reference was published By Clive Mason Pope in 1990 when he lived just down the street from my showroom in Woodstock. The book details dog figures from the Victorian period and covers many breeds and rare examples. The book is now published by the Antique Collectors Club in Woodbridge England.

Victorian Staffordshire Figures by Harding and Harding

This reference contains thousand of images of Victorian Staffordshire Figures. There are so many items listed that the book is actually made up of four volumes. Figure subjects in categories are; Portraits,Military,Royalty, Theatrical figures,Religous,Hunters,Pastoral, Children and children fwith animal figures,cottages,sports etc. This work is very comprehensive although all figures produced are not referenced, an almost impossible task. 

19th Century Lustreware by Michael Gibson

Few books have been published on the subject of British pottery lustre. In Michael's book there are over 300 illustrations and detailed information is provided about techniques and areas of production.

English Earthenware Figures 1740-1840 by Pat Halfpenny

This book was produced when Pat Halfpenny was the Keeper of Ceramics at The City Art Gallery  and Museum in Stoke on Trent.

There are  over 500 illustrations of earthenware figures covering all examples from Salt-glaze,creamware, oxide glazes, enamel colours and pealrware.Early manufacturers catalogues are listed with interesting information of prices at the time of production. Attribution to the producers of these figures is given on many examples. 

Mocha and Related dipped wares 1770-1939 by Jonathan RIckard

A great book on a subject previously not researched and documented in depth. Jonathans work as a scholar,researcher and avid collector rectifies this gap in knowledge. The information in the book is deetailed with numerous images.



  • Samuel Alcock & Co. Hill Pottery, Burslem, Staffordshire
  • James & Ralph Clews. Cobridge Works, Cobridge
  • Dudson & Co. Hope Street, Hanley, Staffordshire
  • John & Ralph Hall, Swan Bank, Tunstall
  • William Kent & Co. Wellington Street, Burslem
  • Lloyd of Shelton, Hanley, Staffordshire
  • Masons Pottery, Fenton Works, Lane Delph
  • Minton & Co. Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
  • Neale & Co. Church Works, Hanley
  • Thos.Parr & Co. Wellington Street, Burslem
  • John Rogers, Dale Hall, Longport
  • Ralph Salt, Marsh Street, Hanley
  • Obadiah Sherratt, Hot Lane, Burslem
  • Sampson Smith, Longton
  • John Walton, Navigation Road, Burslem
  • Wedgwood & Co. Burslem, Staffordshire
  • Enoch & Ralph Wood, Fountain Place, Burslem

Other Areas

  • The Derby Factory, Nottingham Road, Derby
  • Dillwyn & Co. Cambrian Pottery, Swansea, Wales
  • Leeds Pottery, Jack Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire
  • Rockingham, Rockingham Works, Swinton, Yorkshire
  • Sunderland Potteries, Sunderland, Co. Durham


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