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18th Century English Pottery - Creamware, Delft, Slipware

Delftware, Creamware, Pearlware

The 18th century is a pivotal point in the production of pottery in Great Britain with the introduction of Dutch tin glazed earthenware. The technique was copied at various centres such as Liverpool, London, Bristol, Wincanton, Glasgow and Belfast. These factories produced tablewares,apocothery related pieces and decorative items. These highly decorated wares replaced pewter and set the future course of ceramic manufacture in Britain.

The mid 18th century period saw the emergence of the Staffordshire potteries.Thomas Whieldon,Josiah Wedgwood and William Greatbach were at the forefront of the development of ceramics and introduced Saltglaze,lead coloured glazes,creamware and pearlware to the world. At the end of the 18th century hundreds of potteries were producing decorative and functional wares for the British and world market especially the United States of America.

Wedgwood was the master potter of his time and the introduction of his creamware Pottery virtually replaced Delftware and became the pottery of choice for the upper and middle classes in the last quarter of the 18th century.

The success of creamware pottery inspired the Leeds Pottery in Yorkshire to develop the process and they developed wonderful examples of reticulated decorated pieces which made their wares very commercial and rivalled Wedgwood in popularity. Creamware is one of our major specialisation’s especially the plain undecorated wares with it classic design and elegance.

The last development in the 18th century was the introduction of pearlware and the invention of this process is usually attributed to Josiah Wedgwood. Pearlware is a whiter version of the creamware body. A greater quantity of white clay was used in the body and the transparent lead glaze included traces of cobalt, giving the surface a pearly white appearance. Other potters, such as Spode, Liverpool, Leeds, Swansea and many of the Staffordshire potteries soon adopted the process.

18th century circular English slipware loaf baking dish 15" diameter

Reference: 3999

A fine antique slipware loaf baking dish with double trailed slip trail lattice pattern. The dish has an unusual depth of 4 inches. The overall decorative aspect is very strong and organic. A similar dish is located in the Victoria and Albert Mus...

Price: gbp 5500.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 8415 (US Dollars)

Six English creamware pottery plates with pierced borders 18 th century

Reference: 4003

Six reticulated decorated plain English creamware pottery plates in fine condition. Staffordshire or Yorkshire Pottery late 18th century.

Price: gbp 1750.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 2677.5 (US Dollars)

Antique English creamware pottery agateware tankard late 18th century

Reference: 3966

Surface decorated agateware creamware pottery tankard from the late 18th century.

Dimensions: 3.75 inch high

Price: gbp 685.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1048.05 (US Dollars)

Staffordshire saltglaze pottery and Wheildon type creamers from c1770 period

Reference: 3940

A collection of four antique Staffordshire pottery cream jugs. Three are saltglaze with beautiful enamel decoration, the fourth has a "Whieldon" type glaze. Prices vary from £550 each.

Dimensions: 3.50 inch high

Antique English Staffordshire pottery teapot circa 1770

Reference: 3937

Staffordshire pottery black glaze teapot " Jackfield" type. Modelled with a crabstock handle and spout with a classic trailing vine relief moulded decoration to the body which is formed standing on three feet

Dimensions: 5 inch high

Price: gbp 1150.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1759.5 (US Dollars)

Antique English pottery creamware dishes late 18th century

Reference: 3928

Pair of English plain undecorated creamware dishes with reticulated borders. The dishes are a good size with strong decorative impact.

Dimensions: 2.25 inch high

Price: gbp 875.00 (Pound Sterling)
USD 1338.75 (US Dollars)

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