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English pottery bocage figure of a stag at lodge late 18th century

Reference: 4072

A rare and strikingly handsome figure in underglaze oxide colours of a stag at lodge before bocage decorated with acorns. The seperately molded hind leg has an interesting and whimsical feature of a draped leaf with flower. The figure has a luster...

Dimensions: 5.35 inch high

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English pottery figure of a seated cat late 18th century probably Staffordshire

Reference: 4087

A charming English pottery figure in Pratt colours of a demure looking cat seated on a green base.

Dimensions: 3 inch high

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Nottingham SAltglaze puzzle jug named "Samuel Banks Nottingham"

Reference: 4014

A fine and rare Nottingham Salt-glaze stoneware pottery puzzle jug of good form with interesting decorative sprigs of figures mainly associated with tavern life. The jug is deeply impressed on the shoulder "SAMUEL BANKS.NOTTINGHAM" Fine unrestor...

Dimensions: 8.75 inch high

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English Prattware pottery bear figure shaped teapot c1790/1800

Reference: 4023

A very rare and previously unrecorded figure of a bear in the form of a teapot in Pratt colours. The figure is wonderfully naiveley modelled and despite its brutish subject manages to project a comical aspect.

Dimensions: 6 inch high

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Antique English creamware pottery pitcher named William Mathews and dated 1775

Reference: 4004

A fine creamware pottery pitcher well decorated with flowers and leaves in good enamel colours. The pitcher features the name WILLIAM MATHEWS and is dated 1775, the decorative appeal is enhanced with a mask head spout. A very clean quality piece.

Dimensions: 8.25 inch high

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18th century circular English slipware loaf baking dish 15" diameter

Reference: 3999

A fine antique slipware loaf baking dish with double trailed slip trail lattice pattern. The dish has an unusual depth of 4 inches. The overall decorative aspect is very strong and organic. A similar dish is located in the Victoria and Albert Mus...

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