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Antique English pottery delftware lobed moulded dish ,late 17th century.

Reference: 2918

A moulded lobed delftware pottery dish decorated with a bunch of grapes in a central panel. Late 17th century period.

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Antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure group of cow and milkmaid with bo...

Reference: 2891

A fine antique Staffordshire pottery figure group of a cow and milkmaid in pearlware and enamels with bocage. The figure is very well modelled with wonderful enamels and glaze. The attention to the detail on the milkmaid is exceptional.

Dimensions: 7.50 inch high

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Antique Staffordshire Pottery pair of Stag and Doe with bocage attributed to the...

Reference: 2828

A rare and very decorative pair of standing pearlware pottery figures of doe and stag. The figures are modeled standing on green base with flowers and a very colourful rim. The figures have unusual bocage with flowers which has been attributed t...

Dimensions: 8 inch high

Antique English pottery prattware figure of a dolphin formed as a creamer/sauce ...

Reference: 2832

An unusual and very rare antique pottery prattware figure of a dolphin in the form of a creamer or sauce boat. The figure dates to c1800 and is a previously unrecorded example.

Dimensions: 4 inch high 8 inch wide

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Antique medieval stoneware pottery Siegburg Germany 15th century

Reference: 2728

Three pottery stoneware pieces from Siegburg Germany dating from the 15 century. The jugs are hand thrown and decorated with turned bands and a thumbed base. Siegburg stoneware vessels were first produced around 1350 and began to appear in large...

Dimensions: 8.75 inch high

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Antique pottery pearlware figure of two prancing horses, probably Swansea Potter...

Reference: 2684

Antique pottery pearlware figure of two prancing horses, probably Swansea Pottery c1820. The figures are modelled "flat", well coloured and fine quality. A rare and very interesting group.

Dimensions: 6 inch high 7.50 inch wide

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